In Love With Cocktails? Five Scenarios When You Should Probably Grab A Brew Instead

While you may be a cocktail addict, there are certain times and places where it might be impossible to get a proper mixed drink. Now that we are in the hot summer months, let’s explore FMMS’ top five scenarios when you should probably grab a cold one instead.

1.  Attending a Sporting Event

Many sports stadiums these days have a nice restaurant attached where it may be possible to grab a decent cocktail. While it is certainly going to be over priced, you may not even have enough time to properly enjoy it. Intermissions are short and line-ups are long! Enter beer. Easy to serve and easy to drink in a large crowd. There’s a reason why it’s a staple at all stadiums and arenas and that you usually leave in a good mood. Don’t mess with success.

2.  Yard Work

It’s hot and you are sweating profusely. You’ve been doing yard work all morning and are completely filthy. Your hands are muddy and you want a cold drink immediately. Take a break from mowing the lawn or cutting hedges, and grab a cold brewski (hopefully from your beer fridge in the garage!).


3.  Recreational Sports

You and your rec sports team just came off a big win, so how do you celebrate? Easy, there is a cooler of beer waiting in the parking lot!  Oh…so what if you just lost the game?  Easy, drown your sorrows with a cooler of beer waiting in the parking lot!  For many guys in recreational sports, the only thing that matters is the beer list schedule. Nothing beats sharing brews with the team after the game!

4.  Fishing

Whether you’re out on the boat or you’re just fishing from the dock, beer is the perfect companion. Weekends can’t get much better than hopping on a boat with a couple of friends, some fishing rods, and a packed cooler of beer. At that point, any fish you catch is just a bonus. Just be careful not to lose any bottles overboard!


5.  I’m Out of Liquor

Simple enough! Although I highly suggest you get to the closest liquor store quickly and stock up…

Disagree with the list? Feel like we omitted some scenarios? Make sure to let us know in the comments or on Facebook.

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  • Mano Kardaras July 4, 2014 at 11:02 am

    These are all great scenarios, Joe!

    I can think two others:
    1) On a patio on a hot summer day – extremely refreshing
    2) Camping – having a couple of brews by the fire