Our Favourite Posts of 2014

Some good friends got together in the year 2014 AD and decided to write some sh!t about the food and drinks that they were making. As the inaugural year for FMMS is closing out, we reflect on each of our favourites.

Brandon’s Favourite: Homemade Pizza


It’s not an exaggeration to say that this pizza defined a huge part of the year for me. Not only was it the first food post featured on FMMS, it also became one of the main courses at all future team meetings and at many dinners at my house. If you’ve been putting it off or maybe missed it entirely, you owe it to yourself to try making your own pizza at home.

Marco’s Favourite: Corpse Reviver


The Corpse Reviver #2 may be one of my favourite drinks and not only because of it’s awesome name and unique history. It’s no wonder that this post was one of my favourites of 2014.  Check it out for all three recipes!

Bruno’s Favourite: Spotlight: Campari


I’m so predictable. I had no choice but to pick Seb’s excellent feature. I love Campari, plain and simple. There’s nothing I drink more. However, I’m a creature of habit and tend to limit myself to the Negroni or a combination of Campari, soda, and orange juice. This post reminded me of the Corpse Reviver #3. Now firmly entrenched in my rotation. I learned quite a bit this year, and there was some really top notch content, but no post made as significant an impact on my drinking as this one.

Anthony’s Favourite: Mastiha


When Mano told me there was a traditional Greek Liqueur derived from a small evergreen tree, I was immediately intrigued. Recently this liqueur, produced by companies like Skinos, has become more easily accessible to North Americans, and I’m really happy it did. It has become a recent favourite, and Mano’s post provides some amazing recipes that are sure to keep your guests entertained and tipsy.

Sebastian’s Favourite: Sazerac – The World’s Oldest Cocktail


This year has been a great year of learning and growth. Diving into the rabbit hole of cocktails and food continues to be a great ride: Learning the history of many drinks and meals; using the right tools and the best ingredients (be it for food or cocktails); and then finding the right words to convey the final message. Within all of that growth, I think we’ve found a common theme – the love of the ritual. Whether we’re using flour and mixing dough the old fashioned way, using fresh juices for all of our cocktails, to happily waiting 10 minutes for a cocktail, we love the ritual of making sh!t, and making sh!t well.

This leads me to the Sazerac. The drink and post reflects that attitude and approach to a tee. Classic cocktail, rich history, simple and ritualistic process, resulting in a delicious complex flavour.

Mano’s Favourite: Tearing Down a Fence


It was really difficult narrowing down one choice as my favourite FMMS post for the year. The guys posted some great articles and recipes, but I decided to be biased and pick one of my own posts.

I decided to go a different route from the other men and choose a post unrelated to food and cocktails. My experience with tearing down my fence this past summer is my favourite post of the year for one simple reason: it was an experience that we all shared together and had fun in the process – the exact purpose of this blog.

We’ve had a ton of fun starting this blog in 2014 and sharing our passions with everyone. We’ve learned a lot too, and are looking forward to the new year where we have a bunch of new stuff planned, not the least of which is going to be the launch of a totally redesigned FMMS.net! We can’t wait to show it off to you all, so stay tuned.

We’d also like to thank all of you for supporting our effort. It truly means a lot and we’re so happy that you enjoy the blog. We hope to provide you with great recipes and articles for a long time to come!

Happy New Year from all of us at Five Men Making Sh!t

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