Cucumber-Basil Gin and Soda

As the summer winds down, you may start to think back to the BBQ’s, weddings, and patio parties you attended – along with the cocktails you had along the way.

If you’re like me, summer is a time to experiment a bit and try some unique seasonal drinks that you haven’t had before. But seeing as how Fall is almost upon us, I thought it was appropriate to go for something a bit more basic and simple. After all, more ingredients don’t always equal a better drink.

In that spirit, here’s a great way to take a simple gin and soda to the next level. There’s just enough of a twist to make it feel new, but still retain its simplicity.


1 ½ oz gin
Club soda
2 basil leaves
2 thin cucumber slices
2 lime wedges

Place cucumber slices, basil leaves, and lime wedges in a rocks glass and muddle. Add enough ice to fill the glass halfway. Add the gin and top with club soda.


Being a huge basil fan, this drink was right up my alley. It plays well with the cucumber, and the lime adds that tartness you’d expect it to.

Give it a try during these dying days of summer. Sometimes, simpler is just more satisfying.

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