Our Favourite Holiday Gifts for 2015

It’s nearly that time of year again. Chestnuts are roasting, eggnog is being served, decorations are going up, and FMMS is giving some awesome gift advice for all the people in your life.

It’s Christmas! And here are the men’s top 5 gift ideas.

Mustache Baby Meets His Match (book by Bridget Hoes)

By Marco Provenzano


For all the dads and dads-to-be out there with manly moustachioed and bearded sons, this children’s book is a must. It’s also pretty good for parents with regular facial-hair-less kids.

The Mustache baby series of books follows the stories of baby Billy who was mysteriously born with a beautiful moustache. In Mustache Baby Meets His Match, Billy meets Javier, an equally awesome bearded baby. These two guys start off as enemies but grow to be good friends. Reminds me of me and Brandon Wright!

Get it from Amazon.

Momosas (book by Paul Knorr)

By Brandon Wright


To continue Marco’s theme, I want to talk about babies. Or rather, the women that are pregnant with them. My wife is one of these lucky women, and a good friend got her this book as a birthday gift a few months ago. I know what you’re thinking, “A silly virgin cocktail book with a bunch of fruit juice poured into fancy glassware? Really?” Well yes, actually, there are a lot of recipes that are essentially just fruit juice in cocktail glasses. But that’s not all!

I pulled this book out one day after I noticed a bit of well-deserved cut-eye coming my way while I was minding my own business and stirring up a little cocktail at home. Apparently, it can be annoying to watch someone else making delicious drinks while you don’t touch alcohol for 9+ months…

As a pleasant surprise, the first twenty pages are dedicated to detailed and accurate cocktail techniques and terminology, from how to muddle and layer ingredients, to what tools to use and why. It gets into all the different glassware, gives various syrup and shrub recipes, and finally, it even has a ton of different alcohol-free cocktail recipes that are worth trying when you get tired of just making virgin sangrias. I was genuinely impressed with what this book had to offer on what can often be a disappointing topic.

Get it from Amazon.

TROVE Slim Wallet

By Mano Kardaras

Source: muted.com

Source: muted.com

Gone are the days of lugging around that giant bulge in your pocket (get your mind out of the gutter, it’s Christmas!).

As many cards can now be stored on our smartphones, more and more men are seeing the benefits of carrying what’s left in slim, minimalist wallets that take up very little real estate in their pockets.

My favourite of the bunch is made by TROVE. Released in 2014, the TROVE Wallet is everything you want in a small package – flexible, durable, carriable – and even reversible. On top of that, it’s made with premium materials in many different colours. You can even customize your own!

In all likelihood, it’ll be the only slimming down you’ll be doing this Holiday season.

Get it from TROVE or Slim Wallet Junkie.

Honourable mention: Supr Slim Wallet


By Bruno Meliambro

Things people want but don’t feel they need enough to purchase for themselves make the greatest gifts. Regardless if you are a full-blown cocktail snob or a home enthusiast, nice glassware generally falls under this category; you simply cannot have enough. Do you need 8 different kinds of glassware?

Probably not, but it sure does add to the experience of consuming well crafted cocktails and it’s not bad to look at either. Serving a perfect sidecar in an oversized double old fashioned glass just does not do it justice. Here is some of my favorite glassware:

Cocktail Kingdom has some beautiful, well-proportioned, and affordable glassware. Two that I like are the Leopold Coupe Glass (6 oz) and Yarai Rocks Glass (7.5 oz).


If you live on the north side of the border, check out Alambika. They have some beautiful pieces, like the Angela cocktail glasses that I own.


Get them from Cocktail Kingdom and/or Alambika.

Logitech’s UE Boom Wireless Speaker

By Anthony Di Virgilio


If you’re one to sing in the shower, or if you need some music to wake you up in the morning, you will absolutely love Logitech’s UE Boom or UE Boom 2 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker. The quality is surprisingly good, considering it’s a portable speaker that’s under $200, if you can find the original. Since your phone should be in another room, away from shower-steam and water, the UE Boom connects reliably via Bluetooth, and will play music for several hours before needing to recharge.

While it’s splash and steam proof, it should be noted that you can’t submerge this speaker under water, so it’s best placed on your shower rack beside your shampoo. Overall, this is a great speaker for its price and you owe it to yourself to have your favourite tunes playing while you clean your junk.

Get it from Amazon.

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