Our Favourite Posts of 2015

We can hardly believe it, but another year of writing sh!t has come and gone.  As 2016 starts off, we’ve decided once again to reflect on our favourite posts of the past year.

Mano’s Favourite: Shrubs

shrub_featureMy favourite post of 2015 was Sebastian’s write-up on cocktail shrubs. If you’ve never heard of shrubs before, then you’re not alone: I had no idea myself until I read Sebastian’s post.

A shrub is a vinegar-based syrup, most often flavoured with fruits or vegetables. Depending on the ingredients used, it can add quite a bit of depth to your cocktails.

The Lonely Man and Honey Bee cocktails that Sebastian made with strawberry balsamic and ginger shrubs proved that they taste as unique as they sound.

Check out the post for some great recipes.

Marco’s Favourite: Five Men Sipping Rum in the Dominican Republic

DR_feature-940x627With the snow coming down in full force, it’s nice to think back to sunny weather and sandy beaches. It’s with that in mind that I thought back to my favourite post of 2015: Five Men Drinking Rum In The Dominican Republic.

This post introduced me to the complexities that can be found in quality Rum. It also taught me the very important lesson that a wine bottle should not be opened with a shoe (I can thank my good friend James Tarsky for that lesson).

Brandon’s Favourite: Omelettes – Part 1

omelette-featureObviously everyone loves breakfast food, but for me, the omelette is king. I wish I was a morning person so that I would give myself more time each day to make one. On the weekend, though… oh baby. Time after time this year I went back to Mano’s post for inspiration.

Tomorrow morning, please, do yourself a favour and try that Spanakopita Omelette. That orange and fennel flavour of the loukaniko sausage is such a fantastic flavour. Easily my favourite post of 2015 (after all the ones I wrote, obviously).

Seb’s Favourite: Bicicletta

bicicletta_FinishedAs 2015 was coming to a close, and this post looming on the horizon, I was struggling to find a favourite. So many good posts to choose from. It wasn’t until yesterday where a friend of mine ordered a Bicicletta from me. As soon as I tested the drink, I was reminded of why Marco and I loved it so much. It was decided.

This cocktail hits all the right notes for me. A delicious blend of bitter Campari and crisp white wine – a combination made among the stars. I strongly recommend you give this simple cocktail a shot.

Hat tip to Mano’s Sherry post, and Brandon’s Bijou fantastical origin story.

Anthony’s Favourite: Five Great Ways to Enjoy Espresso

Espresso Feature WMYou might argue that there’s nothing greater than a warm cup of espresso, and I would be inclined to agree, but the Affogato has changed everything for me. Just when you think you know everything about espresso, Marco Provenzano breaks out a pivotal post about pouring espresso over ice cream, and Sambuca over espresso.

It’s my favourite post because it expanded my knowledge and enhanced my enjoyment of such a simple pleasure; and it will for you too.

Happy New Years from all of us at FMMS!


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