Classic: Tequila Sour

Put aside the Margarita for a moment – I’m in a sour mood. Since the Bourbon Sour is one of my favourite cocktails, I’m always a fan of substituting the spirit whenever I can.

Photos by ADV Photography

Today, I’m bringing you a recipe for a tequila sour and in my humble opinion, it rivals any of its relatives.


1 ½ oz tequila reposado (100% agave)
¾ oz lemon juice
½ oz simple syrup
¾ oz egg white
Lime zest

In a cocktail shaker, add all the ingredients and dry shake. Add ice and shake vigorously again. Double strain into a glass with ice and zest a fresh lime over top for garnish.


Depending on how sour you prefer your sours, feel free to adjust the amount of lemon juice. The egg white adds great body and the lemon zest gives off that citric aroma while sipping.

Compared to a whisky or bourbon sour, the tequila lightens things up considerably, which results in an extremely refreshing cocktail.

I often prefer it over the classic Margarita because of its simplicity. A refreshing, well-balanced cocktail that’s delicious all year round.


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