Grapefruit Shandy

While our first love will always be cocktails, we also like beer; we have nothing against it whatsoever, especially these days with the endless craft beer selections. On a hot day, when we don’t feel like breaking out the shaker, we grab a cold brew.

Personally, it’s also no secret that I like my drinks to lean on the bitter side. That’s why I tend to keep a bunch of IPA’s stocked in my fridge. Every once and awhile though, I mix it up.

Photos by ADV Photography

This drink has many names and comes in many variations. Radler, Shandy, Beer Panaché… they are all basically the same: Beer + Juice + Simple Syrup. The variation I enjoy the most includes grapefruit and switches the syrup to bitters. (Did I mention I like my drinks to lean to the bitter side?)


2 oz grapefruit juice
6 oz beer (lighter is better)
3 dashes Angostura bitters

Mix ingredients together in your favourite pint glass.


As with cocktails, often the simplest drinks are best. If you find this a little bitter, try adding a little simple syrup to add some sweetness.

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