Bourbon Grapefruit Mule

One of the interesting side effects of having worked on this blog for so many years is that my friends and family always come to me when they encounter a new or interesting drink.

These sorts of things can be hit or miss, but often if someone liked something enough to tell me about it, there’s something about the drink that’s worth exploring. In the best case, the person’s unique taste lets me discover something I might not have ever tried on my own. These suggestions don’t usually come with exact instructions, so it allows a certain level of creativity as I’m able to put my own twist on them (though in this case, not quite enough for me to call it an FMMS Original).

Photos by ADV Photography

Today I’ve got a mule-style drink with an ingredient combo that had never occurred to me, for whatever reason, but is pretty appropriate for the current early transition from summer to fall happening here in Ottawa, Canada.


1 ¾ oz bourbon
4 oz ginger beer
2 oz grapefruit juice
Sprig of thyme

In an ice-filled Collins glass, add bourbon, ginger beer, and grapefruit juice and stir. Top with a sprig of thyme.

Most people are familiar with the Moscow Mule, so the similarities are obvious, but using bourbon and grapefruit juice instead of vodka and lime obviously changes the whole profile.

The recommendation came with instructions to use the same proportions as the Moscow version, but that just doesn’t work as well since bourbon has a much more prominent taste than vodka (or as Bruno might put it, bourbon actually has a taste while vodka doesn’t).

After some experimenting, the measurements listed above really did a good job of balancing everything.

In this case, the recommendation I received resulted in a great-tasting cocktail. I’ve been a part of this blog for three years now. To be able to create something completely original and share it with the world is a great feeling. But I also enjoy hearing about others’ recommendations, and having an outlet to share them is often just as rewarding.

When they taste good, that is. 

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