Red 14

To cap off our three-part tribute to Valentine’s Day, I decided that a booze-forward, stiff cocktail was the appropriate send-off.

Our first two posts consisted of recipes that were refreshing (Kiss from a Rose) and sweet and creamy (Sweet Rum-ance). So I wanted our last one to appeal to those who like their cocktails on the stronger side.

Like the previous recipes, I knew I wanted to highlight strawberries, but I didn’t want them to oversweeten or overpower the drink. So instead of creating a syrup, I decided to muddle.

Here’s what I came up with:


2 oz Bulleit Bourbon
½ oz Galliano Vanilla Liqueur
3 dashes Scrappy’s Chocolate Bitters
2 strawberries (muddled)
Garnish: boozy cherries & strawberry

In a mixing glass, add two fresh cut-up strawberries and muddle. Add bourbon, vanilla liqueur, bitters, and stir well. Double-strain into a rocks glass. Garnish with boozy cherries and strawberry.

The result is a play on the Old Fashioned with hints of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Make no mistake, the bourbon is the star, but the other elements add just enough to make it feel like a Valentine’s Day treat.

Out of the three Valentine’s Day recipes, this one definitely stands out as the stiffest. But the vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavours add some sweetness to help round it out.

So instead of flowers and chocolates, try making your Valentine one of the recipes we’ve put together. And if you really love them, make them all three!

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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