La Pesca Fresca

My latest drink is inspired by one of my grandmother’s favourite cure-all remedies; a simple peach nectar from Italy. Naturally, I’ve improved upon her remedy by adding a stiff dose of rum.

The peach nectar I use comes from an Italian company I’ve enjoyed since I was a kid, called Yoga. My grandmother used to swear by their products, especially the pear and peach nectar. She was 100% convinced it could cure the common cold, most cases of the flu, and possibly broken limbs (I’m only 55% sure).

One thing it definitely can do is make a refreshing summer cocktail. The 4 oz bottle it comes in is just begging to be poured into a shaker.


2 oz dark rum
½ oz Cointreau
2 oz peach nectar
½ oz mint syrup
Club soda

Shake all the ingredients except the club soda in an ice filled shaker and strain into a Collins glass. Top with club soda and garnish with mint and a slice of peach. 

The end result is an extremely refreshing, but not overly sweet cocktail. The peach flavour is dominant, but pairs really well with the mint. It tastes like one of my childhood remedies – with a little extra booze. Oh, and I’m convinced my stiff leg has been feeling better ever since – thanks nonna! 

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