The Scofflaw

“A person who flouts rules, conventions, or accepted practices”

The generally accepted practice of this blog is that we usually like to create our own drinks or at least create a unique variation of something more famous. But with this post, I scoff ( 😃 ) at that principle and bring you the Scofflaw, a classic from prohibition times. 

“The lawless drinker”

The name itself was the winning entry of a 1923 US competition, run by a prohibition advocate (and clearly a stupid rich person) to create a word for “the lawless drinker”.  Not only did the winners create a pretty good name for a cocktail, but they also got a cool $200 worth of gold for their winning entry.

Prohibition may long be dead, but the Scofflaw lives on!


2 oz bourbon
1 oz dry vermouth
¼ oz lemon juice 
½ oz grenadine 
2 dashes orange bitters 

Add ingredients into an-ice filled shaker and shake vigorously. Poor into a chilled coup. 

This cocktails is quite sweet thanks to the grenadine, but it also packs a punch with 2 ounces of bourbon. It also has a beautiful red colour which no one can scoff at.

So go ahead, scoff at the idea of prohibition and pour yourself a lawless drinker.