The blog formerly known as
Five Men Making Sh!t

We’re a group of longtime friends from Ottawa, Ontario who enjoy getting together and making craft cocktails.

We initially started this blog as a fun excuse to write about all sorts of sh!t – including cocktails. However, we quickly became engrossed in the cocktail culture, learning about new spirits and flavour combinations. We realized that we loved making drinks and telling people about them.

Our name BITTER + SWEET + SPIRIT refers to the three main components in a typical cocktail.

We started this blog for people like us: home bartenders. This blog is for those that want to learn more about craft cocktails, improve their home bar game, and enjoy some bittersweet moments with family and friends.

Brandon Wright

Cocktail of Choice: Manhattan

Brandon has the distinction of being one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. He takes a pragmatic approach when creating cocktails and is as disciplined in their creation as he is at the gym (side note: he’s jacked).

Brandon’s a reliable and reassuring presence and those qualities come out in his well-thought out and delicious cocktails.

Bruno Meliambro

Cocktail of Choice: Negroni

Bruno has the distinction of hosting the men of this blog at his house when this whole misguided idea came about. To this day, they blame his delicious cucumber cocktails for setting them down the path of mixology.

Although abrasive at times, Bruno is a lovable guy who enjoys sharing recipes and having fun at the same time. He’s very knowledgeable when it comes to experimenting with flavours and the others often go to him for advice, but they tend to draw the line when he suggests putting broccoli in a cocktail.

Mano Kardaras

Cocktail of Choice: Gin Martini

Also referred to as the BITTER SWEET SPIRIT social media guru, Mano likes to experiment with herbal and floral flavours in his cocktails. His unhealthy elderflower obsession is well-documented, but it often results in very happy friends and family.

Mano also likes to bring some of his Greek background into his creations. Fact: he once put Greek yogurt in a cocktail. It’s somewhat surprising he’s still allowed to write for this blog.

Chances are that if you see a recipe on this blog that calls for elderflower and egg white, it’s one of his.

Marco Provenzano

Cocktail of Choice: Corpse Reviver #2

Marco was the most vocal voice in getting the concept of this blog off the ground.

Along with being one of the most Italian-looking men in the Greater Ottawa area, Marco often brings his childhood memories from the kitchen into his cocktails.

Marco prefers to create recipes that are a simple in appearance, but complex in flavour. And yeah, he’s good at soccer because, Italy.

Peter Gouvatsos

Where else can you find us?

Email: bittersweetspirit.ca@gmail.com
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